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Brick Paving & Natural Stone Maintenance

For over twenty five years Timothy Cordingley Landcape Construction has been helping the residents in the Greater Chicagoland Area with their brick paver maintenance, brick paver seal coating and brick paving repairs. So whether their project involves an installation, brick paving seal coating, brick paver repair, brick paving maintenance or paver stripping, our team of professionals know how to handle the project and bring new life to your existing prive paver structure.

We offer full Brick Paver repair services and can service; patios, Walkways, Brick Driveways, Pool Areas, modular Retaining Walls, Landscape walls, and many other brick paver applications. Our paver repair and restoration services include lifting & relaying, replacing, proper base preparations, redesigning, adding extensions, and complete removal of paving stones.

What We Do

Lifting & Leveling

Is your patio our walkway showing signs of sinking or sloping? We can help by lifting and leveling your brick paver or natural stone structure. 

Broken Brick or Stone Replacement

Our team will work with you to seamlessly replace or repair broken bricks, pavers and natural stone. 

Base Repair & Preperation

Most problems brick paver structures face is due to contractors not properly building the base. 

Extensions or Removals

Whether you want to extend or remove your existing natural stone or brick paving structure we can help. 

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