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Drainage Service Experts

At Timothy Cordingley Landscape Construction we have a dedicated team of drainage specialists. The can perform a thorough inspection of your property, isolate the trouble areas and provide you with solutions options. Once a plan of attack is agreed upon they will get right to work solving the landscape water flow and pooling problems.

There is no doubt that drainage problems can be costly by causing damage not just to your landscaping, but also your home’s foundation. Our team will customize a solution that best fits your home’s particular situation. We do not offer cookie cuter service. Each drainage installation and repair is created for YOUR needs.

What We Do

Lawn Grading or Regarding

Our team will determine to proper slope for your property and grade the land accordingly.

Downspout Water Re-routing

Protect your foundation and your landscaping with properly re-routed downspout systems with Timothy Cordingley Landscape Construction. 

Sump Pump discharge re-routing

We ensure that excess water runs properly and legally from your property by installing proper pumps and piping. 

Perforated drain tile

Also known as a French Drain is a trench filled with gravel/rock and perforated pipe that redirects surface water & excess ground water from your home. 

Causes of Drainage Problems

  • Improper grading (slope) of your yard
  • Low-points in the yard
  • Lake of efficient outlets for excessive water
  • Plant debris and or compacted soil

Potential Damage from Drainage Probelems

  • Muddy lawns/yards 
  • Damaged landscaping
  • Damage to Hardscaping 
  • Foundation cracks and seepage
  • Rot, Mildew and mold
  • Sitting water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and harmful bacteria

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